invalid js date from sf field after parseSFDate?!?!

It’s all in the pic.

Interesting… Maybe give skuid.time.parseSFDateTime a shot

Weird I know. I’ll try it, but the SF field is type Date. Shouldn’t work. One sec.

Returns false. Love Chrome developer tools! Starting to get a hang of the errors.

Here’s a video of me unsuccessfully trying to use the date objects. 


just a cursory look, but notice that your formula field returns a Date.  The parseSFDate function takes a Salesforce Date string.   Hope this helps.

parseSFDate( sfDate )

Takes a Salesforce Date string and converts it to a JavaScript Date object


  • sfDate (string): A Salesforce date string



The corresponding JavaScript Date object

Found a post saying that this is to be expected.

So then my coding approach was the issue. I was trying to compare one object to another object. By definition, no two objects can ever be equal. I was really supposed to compare the values in the object. At least that’s my thinking. Let me know otherwise.

So I instead I set the vars to strings using toISOString(). Now it works. :smiley:

Good to hear.  Happy coding.

Happy is one word for it.

Pat here is a good post about doing comparisons with Dates in JavaScript. If you just want to do > or < checks, then comparing the straight JavaScript Date objects as returned by skuid.time.parseSFDate() or skuid.time.parseSFDateTime() would be fine, e.g. 

skuid.time.parseSFDate(sfDate1) < skuid.time.parseSFDate(sfDate2)

But for testing equality it is not as easy as doing == or ===, you need to compare either the getTime() values for each Date or subtract the dates from each other and see whether the result === 0.