Introducing: The Skuid Basics Training Series

Hey Everybody! 

We are happy to announce a new Skuid Basics Playlist on our Skuid YouTube Channel!

The Skuid Basics Series is a set of 16+ videos that will help those new to Skuid get up & running quickly. 
The series will also help long-time Skuid Builders go “Back to the Basics”.

Each individual video fits within a group of seven modules that cover Skuid Application Development:

Module 01 - Get some data and show it on a Skuid Page!
Module 02 - Model Conditions - “Static”
Module 03 - Model Conditions - “Dynamic” 
Module 04 - Skuid Actions Framework
Module 05 - Skuid Data Operations (CRUD)
Module 06 - UI-Only “Stuff”
Module 07 - Merge “Stuff”

All of the Skuid Application Development topics covered in the Skuid Basics videos fit into a larger context.
Work done in the Skuid Product can be split into three large categories:  

Application Administration
Visual Deign
Application Development. 

We will continue to build on this Skuid Basics series of videos, going deeper & deeper into Skuid Application Development. 
We will also create videos and playlists to explore Skuid Visual Design and Skuid Application Administration!

Please take a look… and help us by sending all of your feedback. 
Post directly on YouTube or here in the Skuid Community. 
Together, we are making software more human in this digital world. 

Build On! 


Thanks, Carl really appreciate it!