Introducing: The Nautilus Notes

Hi everyone! I’m so excited about this. We’ve been doing a regular knowledge-sharing session internally at Skuid for the past year and a half, and it’s turned out to be a great way to all get better together. We call it the Nautilus Notes, and we want to open it up to you - the Skuid builder community.

It’ll be on the first Tuesday of each month at 2:03 EDT, and we’ll hear from implementers - Skuid SEs, SAs, engineers and the heroes at our partners and customers - about the lessons they are learning as they try to deliver excellent experiences to their users. Limitations, great feature combos, data sources, bugs, red flags, product updates - we’re going to do our best to cover what’s going on in the Skuid implementer world each month. And it’s going to be fun, too; be prepared for jokes, bad puns and the occasional internet meme.

If that sounds interesting, register below and come next Tuesday with questions (we’ll do webinar-style Q&A). And if you can’t make it, no worries! We’ll post the recording and a dev blog post with the content so you can go back and read through what was covered. Here’s what’s on the docket for our first session: 

  • Using custom e-signature for mobile apps

  • Connecting to and configuring SQL data sources

  • Creating custom formula functions

  • Successfully building global search functionality

  • Quickly spinning up sample data for product demos

…and a lot more. See you Tuesday at 2:03!

EDIT 6/11/19 
The recording is up! Watch it here on the Skuid YouTube channel: 

So excited this is happening!

Agree!  Y’all… I don’t want to sound like one of those long grey beard prophets in literature but I think this is a big milestone.  A harbinger of great things to come!  Go Matt GO! 

nice to see you guys jamming. Nice Sesh.

thanks Arne!

This was a really good session.  It was the right level of detail with good variety and well paced.  Definitely a good time investment for anyone looking to develop Skuid chops.

Thanks for this update. Just FYI - the link above (to register for the next session) links to the June 4 session.

Is the link to the recording ready?  The section on formulas was pretty handy.

Thank you John for the feedback! I hope to have the recording up today, but it might be early next week. We’ll send out an email to all the attendees with a link to the recording.

Hi everyone! The recording is up! View it here on Skuid’s YouTube channel:

I’ll post this as an edit to the original post as well. 

Here’s a real solution that came out of this session:

Quick question. I have attended a couple of these sessions - they are great! Is there any documentation or example pages etc posted following the sessions?

Is there a link to the google doc?

Hi Josef - still working on getting these up. Will post on the Community when they’re available. Thank you!

David, thanks so much for the good word! Some of the custom stuff can be found on Skuid Labs here: 

As for docs (and the doc for each 'Notes), I’m still working on making those available. Will post on the Community when they’re up.