Intermittent Lightning / Skuid error related to Theme (?)

I have a page on Spark V2 that is used in a Lightning page using the Skuid:Page component.  Occasionally, when navigating from standard Salesforce pages back to the detail page that contains my Skuid page I get a Lightning error related to a Theme resource.  For example, I’ve seen the error after navigating away from a Submit for Approval action (standard Salesforce) back the detail page with the embedded Skuid page.

Our design system theme has just one or two style components in use - one sets a border around a wrapper.  Simple things like that.

Any idea what this could be?

Chandra, can you grant login access to Skuid Support for this org, and let us know what page / URL this is occurring in? The more data we have for trying to replicate intermittent errors like this, the faster we can help get to the bottom of it.

Chandra, update on this — we’ve reproduced the issue and have several paths to resolving it, but are still trying to isolate the exact reason that it is happening. Root cause as far as we can tell right now seems to be related to Model-based Conditional Rendering on a component within a Modal that’s created within one of your page’s main Action Sequences. Will let you know when we’ve gotten to the bottom of it.

The fix for this will be released in the next Spark patch (12.1.3).

This has been fixed in Spark 12.1.3, now available from Skuid Releases: