Intermittent 404 URL issues with CKEditor for RTF fields

I have an intermittent problem where clicking on the RTF field won’t produce the CKEditor panel and produces a 404 error in the Javascript console. Other times it works fine.

At first the problem only appeared when the SKUID page was produced via a Community page and I thought it was somehow related to the domain portion of the URL. But then later in the afternoon I got the opposite result, the community page was rendering the CKEditor panel when you clicked on a RTF field and the same page when viewed internally suddenly would generate 404 errors (which ruled out the differences in the URL being the potential problem).

This is what it looks like when it works. When it doesn’t it just appears without the CKPanel.

Here is the error I get in the Javascript console when the RTF box is clicked in the instances where the panel is not appearing.

When I copy the URL and paste it directly into the browser I get a URL does not exist error displayed in a Salesforce frame.

I am at a loss as to what my next step to troubleshoot/fix the problem should be if its an intermittent 404 error causing the problem with files its trying to load for ckeditor.

Has anyone experienced the same issue or know what my next step should be to troubleshoot? Its been a month since I posted and the problem still persists.


Do you have a Chatter component on those pages? Recently I’ve seen a bug where having a Chatter component on the same page caused the rich text toolbar to not show (and put that error in the console)

Hi Amy,

Yes I do have a Chatter component on the same page. Is this the sort of error that would be mitigated by encapsulating the Chatter component in an iFrame?

And is this bug fix scheduled or aimed for on a particular future patch/release?


You’re exactly right. The best workaround is to show the Chatter component in an iframe in a template component. You can see an example of how to do that on this post. We don’t currently have this bug scheduled for a particular release since we’re still investigating how to fix it, but we’ll let you know once a future release contains a fix