Integrating Marketo Sales Insight's Interesting Moments results into a Skuid Page


We have been able to set up an integration with Salesforce and Marketo for a client recently (where all related testing has to be done in a production environment) and have Marketo’s Sales Insights plug-in installed and set up properly. It shows up in the standard Salesforce detail page just fine for a specific lead for example and is pushing and pulling data just fine.

Below is a screen shot from the section on a standard Salesforce page:

I was able to use Skuid to re-create most of the functionality available from the standard Sales Insight look and feel and it looks something like this (from a lower portion of our Skuid lead detail page):

my issue is that the interesting moment that shows up in Standard Salesforce doesn’t show up on the Skuid page.

Further details:

I’m using the Interesting Moments Cache object on the Skuid page and setting a condition to set the Record Id to the param Id as you would to link any other object and other similarly named objects for the other tabs…even without a condition set I see no data.

Marketo is a user in the system with a profile that controls what it has access to. It currently doesn’t have access to objects like Interesting Moments Cache or their fields yet data flows in Standard salesforce just fine. Would this users profile need to have access to this object in order for Skuid to get the same data that shows up in the visualforce section that Standard Salesforce sees?

Any thoughts or help on this would be appreciated!


So.  I’m not familiar with Marketo and the interesting moment cache object.  But here are some thoughts. 

1. Are you sure Marketo is populating data in Salesforce for the interesting moments?  Or is the VF page on the standard layout just passing an ID into an Iframed version of the Marketo client.  If it is the latter - you can reproduce that IFrame in a template component. 

2. If the data is actually getting in to Salesforce then I’d assume that there are permissions issues preventing it from being QUeried by Skuid.   Can you query it with SOQL Explorer or the dev console? 

You can open the browser console and type “skuid.model.getModel(‘YOURMODELNAME’)”  to see what is happening in Javascript.  There you can see the SOQL being passed,  andy debug statements,  and data being retrieved, conditions applied,  field permission metadata etc.  That’s where we start debugging. 

Hope those ideas help. Good luck. 


Thank you so much for your reply. Was able to talk to the client today and had an AH-HA moment about your first point. I wasn’t sure if it was getting through due to permission to that object I specified and without adjusting it and causing problems in their Marketo Integration I didn’t know, but after I realized I could put the Standard Marketo Sales Insight box with a template as an Iframe I did it and it worked (about the same time of your reply today…). So far so good. Will report back if it doesn’t work and will try to share the example here for future questions in the community when time permits.

Thank you for your fast reply.

Best Regards,

Jeff Rutter

Glad to hear you were able to get this worked out. 


I realized I was going to share what I was able to do with the template component in Skuid to get this working for our client…

In case anyone is wondering about this down the road below is a screen shot of the result from using a template to get the Marketo Sales Insights in Skuid.

My code for the template component was:

works well and the client was happy!

Thanks Rob for your help with this!

Glad we could help.