Insufficent Privileges when overriding tab

I’ve created a simple Skuid page connected to a custom object called ‘Jobs__c’

The page is accessible when staff go direct to the skuid page.

However, when overriding the ‘Jobs’ tab to point to the skuid page ALL users see the ‘Insufficent Priviledges’ error.

The only user that the tab override works for is the main admin account.

See images below:

To view the page as an override, you have to redirect through a VF page (as you did). You probably did not give access to the VF page to your users profiles/permission sets. So if you have a user assigned to profile “standard user” then you need to give that profile access to the VF page you created to redirect to the Skuid page.

Perfect. This is exactly what the problem was. I’m new to SF because I’ve spent most of my time in Skuid before anything else. 

Cheers for help!

I did the same. Big learning curve learning both at the same time, but well worth it! Salesforce makes their certification course available for free online… I think it is on YouTube. There are hours of videos, but worth going through.