Inserting multiple rows from one Object Model to another in a single button click Action


I have a model where multiple rows are present, Lets Say i call it Model A.

I need to insert all the rows from Model A to another Object Model, lets say Model B.

I want this from a sinlge button action i.e., User will not select or Mass select the rows from Model A. I want a single button action which will select all the rows from Model A and Create records in Model B.

I used the Create Row(s) action, but it is just picking the first rows from Model A. Other rows are not getting inserted into Model B.

Is there any way we can achieve this?

P.S- I am avoiding writing a Java Snippet.

Thanks fellow Skuidders.

Check out the “Adopt Rows” action. I think it will do what you are after. Look at the documentation for it here:

Thanks Robbie. Much appreciated.