Inserting dropbox into a tab inside an opportunity

I am new to Skuid and I am creating my first page to replace our opportunity page that has gotten way to long.  I want to use tabs and I have that working but in one of the tabs I want to insert the dropbox VF object.  I do not know where to start.

Hi Lloyd … I assume you’re using the FileIt app for Dropbox? If so:

  • Add a template into your Skuid tab.
  • Specify an iframe in your template that references the relevant Dropbox page and passes in the relevant id (the FileIt account page and account id in my example, but opportunity in yours):

Thank you so much for posting an answer.  I tried this and I am sure I am supposed to change something in the template content you listed above. But I have to admit I do not understand what I need to change.  I am sure it is simple…but as I confessed earlier I am new at this.

Thanks so much for the help.

This section: 


means the “id” parameter of the page. You want the Account Model Id to be assigned to this value. If your page doesn’t have an account Id in the URL this will not work. What object is your page on? If you have an Account Model, you can replace the section I referenced above with this:


It is a page built using the opportunity object. 
So it should read the following?  id={{{$}}}

I guess so. If your page is on Opportunity “Param.Id” should be the Opportunity Id. The Template that Glenn posted seems to be for Accounts though…

<iframe src="/apex/FileIt_<b>Account</b>?id={{{$}}}" seamless="seamless" width="700px" height="400px" frameborder="0" /> 

So you might have to change it to:

Yep, Moshe’s iframe code should do the trick, because FileIt’s Visualforce page for opportunity pages is FileIt_Opportunity. Hope that works, Lloyd.

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Let us know if you’ve any follow-up questions, Lloyd.