Insert blank line between stacked fields

In a standard Salesforce page layout you can drag in a blank line on the page layout to separate groups of fields in a section.  We need this for total fields separated from the calculation fields above to stand out.  Secondarily, I would like to increase font on those total fields slightly to stand out more.

Does Skuid have a method of separating stacked fields into sections or groups in the field editor? 

I found this community article, but it did not provide the answer specifically.

You can create all sorts of stacking and grouping using panels, field editor sections and columns, and finally CSS. You can put the total field into it’s own section within the column of the field editor.

A template field in this new section can be used to set the styling within the HTML for the calculated fields you want.

You can add a template field, check allow HTML and put the following in the box:


Adding the template field, clearing out the default label and replacing default template info with
, checking allow HTML and checking Read-only worked great.

It was almost declarative and seems like an easy solution for a standard or custom component called “Blank Line”

For the record it’s not magic it’s just a simple HTML tag.

Thanks Moshe! Some of us button click admins do believe in magic because you just saved me a lot of time trying to figure this out. Does it matter if you use


Come on Moshe.  Let him think its magic…  Its Skuid of course… 

Yes only

has an actual line,
is just a blank area.

I thought it was a typo. :confused: First time seeing that.

Ahh…so now I have two options. Use a

tag if I want a thin line between the stacked fields or
for just some white space with a blank line.

Look, you magically turned one solution into two.