Insert a Blank Space onto Page

How do I insert a blank space onto a page? 

If you’re looking to add some “blank” space in a table editor, I’ve used a “template” component in the past – deleting the text “Template Field” from the label & then deleting “Created Date: {{CreatedDate}}” from the template field.

However, might not work too well on a full-blown edit page – I noticed that if you’re tabbing through the fields, a pop-up will appear when you get to that field. (which, I believe, is how template fields work.) 
Kind of a scrappy workaround, but it does the job OK. (I decided against using this in a final product.)

Pat, I believe as of Skuid 4.9 you can specify template fields to be “read only”.  That way a popup will not come up.

Awesome! Good to know.

You can also adjust padding and margin around the divs that hold containers by adding custom css.  This can be used to add more white space.