Initialize UI only field value based from existing data


I have a pick list UI only field. When I select a value from the pick list, I run a snippet to update the existing field. Is there a way so that when I load the page, it will check the existing field value and default the UI only field value based on that?

Thank you

You can do one of two things:

  1. Make a copy of your snippet - that does what you have coded in reverse - and store it in your skuid page as a “generic JS” (Create a new one of those resources to see the boilerplate code that triggers the snippet on page load).

  2. Build an event triggered action sequence that runs on the Skuid Page: Rendered event. This sequence can update the value of your UI only field with the value from the real one.

This Synching is always a problem with using UI Only fields as a proxy for the real fields in a database. Sometimes there are good reasons for doing this, but as a rule it is going to be more straightforward to simply add the underlying field to the page and have users interact with it. Maybe you can explain a bit more why your are using the UI only field here?