indirect child relationship issue

I have four objects

1) Candidate

2) Training

3) Enrollment

3) work experience


Work experience is the child object of candidate.

Enrollment is the child object of Candidate and Training.

Now I have created skuid list page with work experience object as model.

Enrollment and work experience are not direct link with each other.

It is linked with each other indirectly with candidate.

Now I need to display field of enrollment into work experience list.

Is there any way to do this?




If you build your model on the candidate object,  you can include both the Enrollment and Work Experience children into that model and show them. 
- If you include them directly as child relationships in the model they can be shown within the table. 
- If you create separate models that tie back to candidate they can be shown as related lists inside a drawer under the candidate table. 

I don’t think there is another way to show this together. 

This is an old issue, but I am having this problem today.  

Rob- I built my two child objects into my parent object model, but I am still unable to use the fields I selected from the children in the table.  They simply don’t come up as fields I can add.  Am I doing something wrong?