Indexof error

After making an upgrade to the most recent Skuid version I have a page that not longer saves. Does anyone know what this means?

I am using the same “Save” sequence

Has something changed in Skuid code?

Hi Bill,

Can you click the little arrow next to your error message in the console to reveal the rest of the stack trace and upload that picture? That will help us narrow down the issue.

Interesting. Are you able to grant login access to this org so I can see if I can diagnose this? Follow the instructions below and I’ll take a look.…

I have granted you access to 00Dj0000001oO90.  I believe that it has something to do with metadata.  This started to happen after the last release upgrade.  I was able to do this before.  here is a related post:…

The page to look at is R_Add_Engagement  you can enter data as it is not live yet.

Ok, I took a look at this. This is a bug in Skuid that has to do with overriding a date/time field in the database to a date field in the UI. Although I don’t think this is a regression. As far as I can tell, this particular setup has never worked. I’ll put this in a bug to be fixed in a future release. Unfortunately, the fix will not make it into the upcoming “Update 7” release.