Index out of bounds error on Save when overriding DATETIME field with DATE

Dave -

Regarding your questions/comments, I agree that having a “TODAY” button would be extremely handy.  There has been discussion about this in the past (see  You should be able to write a custom field renderer that interacts with jQuery UI Datepicker and sets showButtonPanel=true as this would show the “TODAY” button.  From there, you could override the appropriate datepicker internal method to get it to behave the way you’d like (the default behavior is to just scroll the calendar to the current day).  Another option is to write a custom renderer using another datepicker of your choosing.  Would be great to see Skuid have this as a stock feature but that would require Skuid moving away from jQUery UI datepicker to another library and/or rolling their own.  Both have downsides - for the former, heavier page load for extra JS/CSS from additional library; for the latter, lots of dev/test time.  All that said, would be a welcomed enhancement!

For the 12:00pm default, the only way that I can think of a solution for this one is to write a snippet that gets called on “row created” and set the datetime to 12:00PM of whatever day you want to be the default value (e.g. TODAY).  Not the best solution in the world but the only one I can think of at the moment at least.