Include Row Action tooltip text on the Table component display in the V2 Composer

Since we make heavy use of row actions on our tables, it has always been helpful to see the tooltip text next to the icon in the Composer. Now that V2 has implemented Action Labels in addition to Tooltips, that ready view of a “name” has been lost.

We do not want to use the Action Label as it uses too much screen real estate.

It is time-consuming to select each row action individually and then navigate to the Tooltip property tab to see the Text property.

Can the Tooltip:Text be displayed next to the icon (and the label) on the table component? This will allow ALL tooltips to be seen at a glance so the developer can easily see which row action to select.

Somewhat less helpful would be to at least include the tooltip properties on the General tab (instead of a separate property tab). At least then the developer can click the row action field and immediately see the tooltip text.