Include Id from row in page include drawer

Hey guys!

I have a row action that opens a drawer with a page include. I am trying to get the details of a custom object to open into that drawer, but having issues how to pass the id of the row object to the detail page.

Page includes… Drawers… Dang.  They don’t work together.  We will be removing the option to add page includes to drawers in an upcoming release.  There are lots of problems introduced when you try to include the same included page twice on the same parent page.  (Model conflicts among others). 


Whoooomp. No problem! If I wanted to do the same thing with a pop-up what am I missing? I have a row action that (now) brings a pop-up which I want to show a detail page. I am using id={{$Params.Id}}, but it isn’t just pulling the details related to that custom object’s ID