In the context of Salesforce and Skuid, how can we implement macros?

In Salesforce console, macros can be created that are used frequently by team members. How could this look in the context of Skuid? 

A couple of examples of Macro from the Service Desk demo

  • Flag as Escalate button or Mark as Solved button (these buttons update the Status field of the Case record and save the changes)
  • Respond with an Email Template functionality: When you click on a suggested solution, it runs actions to select an email template and put that in an email body. You can adjust the actions to automatically send the email for you if you wish.
  • Apply logics: Skuid has something called Branch action to perform action A if a condition is met or action B otherwise. For example, in the Service Desk demo, when you respond to a case whether by phone or email, we run a Branch action to determine whether it’s the First Response to customer and flag the response as First Response if that’s the case. 
  • These actions (or Macros in Salesforce’s terminology) can be triggered via buttons or even a field (eg, a Picklist fields with multiple options, each option may trigger a different set of actions), so it’s really useful and flexible. 
Here’s what SF says about Macro, and in my opinion, that matches Skuid’s Action Frameworks, or our new Action Sequence feature - where you can determine a set of actions and call it from multiple places.

Macros automate a series of repetitive keystrokes that support agents make in the Salesforce Console for Service. You can quickly complete repetitive tasks, such as updating the case status, by running a macro.

I’m not sure about the part where Skuid’s pages calling a Macro action, but I think we can definitely duplicate the Macro actions in Skuid without difficulty.