In Line Editing disabled when Redirecting the Edit page

We are using a SKUID page to over ride the standard Salesforce page for a specific  Account record type.  That works fine.  I also have an associated Edit page that over rides (redirect) the standard Salesforce page to a SKUID edit page.  I am seeing a problem when Edit is redirected the standard in-line editing on non-Skuid pages does not work.  This is only for one object, the Account object.  Is there a way to redirect the edit page and still have the in-line edit function correctly for all other Salesforce pages for that object?


As far as I know there is no way to get around this — Salesforce always disables inline-editing on standard detail pages if you are overriding / redirecting the Edit action to a Visualforce page. So your options are:

(a) Don’t override the Edit page
(b) Prevent users from ever getting to a standard Salesforce detail page for this object

Wish there was a better option here.