In an Aggregate how do I could the number of times a box is checked?

I have a record which contains a checkbox. When aggregating the object type I would like to count the number of times that box appears checked. I tried using a SUM and a COUNT and it appears the checkbox field is not supported in those capacities in SKUID. As a work around I decided to create a Formula Field (Number) that would be either 0 or 1 depending on if the value of the box was checked. Unfortunately it appears that SKUID aggregates do not support formulas. Aside from using APEX or field updates to populate a Number field is there a better way that I am not identifying to count fields which are checked in Aggregates?

Create a basic model on the object in question. Filter by the checkbox field.


Hi Pat, thank you for the response. The Aggregate object provides several fields on the same row. Am I able to mix/match items from Basic Objects and Aggregate objects on the same row of a table (which would be ideal)?

Joseph - you can do this with an aggregate model. 

You should make the aggregation a count on record ID.  Then in the conditions only include records where the checkbox field is true. 

Hi Rob, great solution! With SKUID allowing so much to be dynamic I can accomplish the same objective in additional ways for example the solution you mentioned which I will put into place. Thank You

Thanks for the compliments. Glad it worked for you.