Improve the ability to obtain QueryString parameters on Page Includes

QueryString parameters on page includes is a common topic within the community.  Currently, the only approach to obtaining querystring params on a page include is to configure a model to receive those parameters.  While functional, it’s less than ideal and has its shortcomings/bugs (see here).

Would like to see an enhancement to Skuid that provides a clean approach to, at least programmatically, obtaining the QS params for a page include.  

A couple of ideas to get things started:

1) In the pageload event on a page include, include an argument that contains the params for that page

2) In, add a method (e.g. getParams(pageName)) that would get the parameters for the given pagename.  I see that there is now an “_parametersByPage” property of which would aid in supporting this type of scenario to some degree

3) Pass a “page” reference to various components/snippets/etc. so that determining what “page” the code is executing on is straightforward.

Just some initial thoughts.  Appreciate your consideration of improving this experience.


I built a framework to better manage page include parameters, but it’s somewhat janky.