Impact of changing my domain in Salesforce


Would like to know if changing my domain name in Salesforce production will require any changes in our Skuid configuration. We are using Skuid both on Salesforce and on Salesforce Communities, and both are in Lightning.

I saw earlier post on change of SF server and the response was no impact. Just want to confirm if same is with my domain.


This post has been closed. The Skuid Support team followed up on this issue with the user outside of the community.

Summary of Resolution

There shouldn’t be anything you need to change on your Skuid pages when you change your domain. The only change that would have to happen are with any hardcoded URLs that rely on the instance name. If you have hardcoded URLs with the old instance name, you may need to change it to the new instance name. Although, we recommend using relative URLs anyways for those cases.

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