Image upload section in rich text editor

Our users would like to upload images directly from the rich text editor instead of uploading them and then adding the URL. The non-skuid rich text editor enables this, but for some reason, it doesnt carry over into skuidified pages.

Is there a workaround?

Skuid editor

Out of the box SFDC editor

I don’t believe there is a way to deliver this using the current Skuid tools. 


Any plans on having this in future releases?

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Mansour…CKEditor is the tool that Skuid uses for rich text editing.  They have a file manager ‘add-in’ that works with CKEditor.  See here->

You will need to work out licensing, but it should ‘just work’ if you add the javascript for CKFinder as a static resource and include it on your page.

Thanks Bill!

Is this going to change anytime soon?

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