image in table row

How can I get a thumbnail of a picture to show in a table? Here what i have now.

Hi Bill, 

We have a new feature available in the upcoming Spark release that will allow you to use Avatars and the ability to load them with a url image or local image link. Coming soon! 

Thanks Greg.  When is that expected?  Is there a webinar introducing Spark?

Hi Bill. The exact release date is still to be announced and there will be a webinar. You will probably receive the emails but you can always keep a lookout on our website upcoming webinars section here: Custom App Development Webinars - Skuid Thanks for your ongoing support!


Click on your table component, click the ‘Add Field’ drop down and add the ‘Image’ column to your table of Attachments.

 In the Image URL property for the Image column use the following:


Make sure that you have the Id column selected in your model.



I tried this “/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file={{Photo__r.Id}}” but it show nothing.


Try replacing {{Photo__r.Id}} with {{Photo__c}}



I tried this: /servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file={{Photo__c}}

Still no image.

Bill, I have this working  in a test form.
The model Object Name is Attachment.
The field in the model is Id.
There is a condition on the model: ContentType = image/jpeg [Always On]
The table displays the model, with one column: 
  From the Add Fields dropdown, select Image
  The field properties look exactly like Bill McCullough’s image above
When I preview the page, our photos appear like magic!

What I noticed in the dialog between the Bills is that McCullogh has /servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file={{Id}} in his URL. That is also what I have.  Your table shows Id’s that are associated with the Attachment object, but I don’t see where you tried {{Id}}. I only see {{Photo__r.Id}} and {{Photo__c}}. Have you tried the string that McCullogh provided?

Is there an issue with ContentType? I put the Condition in my page because the Image field was not displaying application/pdf documents.


Is the Photo__c field a lookup to the File__c object?  If so, try this:


Make sure that you have selected the field in your model.



Yes!!!  That was it.  Awesome.  Thanks Bill

Hello Bill,

I have the picture showing in an image.

The image is set as follows:

The avatar is set as:

The avatar does not show as seen above