Image component will not display image from static resource

I have an image component in a pop-up window.
That component calls a Salesforce static resource.

But when I open the pop-up the image does not display:

I have checked the status resource and the file is there and it displays properly when viewed.  I see posts from 2 years ago. I would have thought this was resolved by now. Is that not the case? Is there a work around?

We are on Millau 11.2.22. 

Daniel, it looks like this is happening in Lightning. Just to clarify, is this in regular Lightning Experience, or is it in a Lightning Community?

Regular lightning experience. Not a community. Page is a visual force page not a lightning page.

So you’re using a Visualforce page that shows a Skuid page, in a Lightning Experience page? Is there a reason that you’re doing that, instead of using the Skuid Page Lightning Component?

Also, can you please Grant Login Access so that we can see this happening in your org?

I have not been able to reproduce this in a Millau org running 11.2.22 using an Image component in a Visualforce Page that’s being loaded into Lightning Experience via the Visualforce lightning component. So we will need to see this happening in your org in order to move forward.

Login access has been granted. Let me know if you want to get on a call and I show you where this is bring used.

Daniel, the reason this is not working is that you’re trying to show a PDF — we do not currently support displaying PDF’s using the Image component. This is on the backlog as an enhancement, but current state, we don’t support that right now.

The best workaround would be to convert to a PNG/JPEG and reupload that to a Static Resource — you should be able to view a PNG/JPEG just fine.

OK, understand. It use to work. So a pdf use to be supported. Would not implemented it in production back in July 2018 if it had not worked in testing. 

Interesting. I don’t believe that we have done anything that would cause this to have “stopped” working. Not sure what’s going on, but if it was working before — that would be surprising to me.