Image component caching static resource?

Last week I edited a static resource image file called “Logo”

This week, I opened a page that has an image component which references that static resource.

The image displayed is the old one. Even if I remove the image component, and add a new one, when I try to use the “Logo” static resource for the image component, it shows the old one.

Here’s the static resource itself:

Here’s what’s happening in the builder:

I should see the ABC Women’s Clinic logo, not the True Care logo. I’m also getting the old logo in runtime. Help?

Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

Yes, clearing the cache works. thanks.

No problem!

Matt, the Image component does indeed cache the Static Resource. We will add this to our issue backlog as something to address. As Anna has mentioned, clearing your browser cache will force the Page Composer and runtime to use the latest version of the file.