Image component accept row merge syntax for url?

This must have been answered somewhere… 

Can I get the image component to process something like {{CreatorSmallPhotoUrl}} on every row or a field editor or table?

Yes, absolutely, for instance if you would like to show the image in a Drawer or a Popup, row merges in the URL will be processed in context of the context row.

Here’s an example XML for a page on the User object with a table with a drawer showing User photos:




But the only way we can add an image inline with the table itself or with a field editor is with a template and html?

Currently yes.

Perhaps allow the image component to be dropped as a ‘field’ in a field editor or template…

Or allow the image component itself to be attached to a model?

#1 Certainly has been talked about.  Mirroring the function available with Templates for example