iFrame a Squid Page

Is there any chance of successfully iframing a squid page into wordpress?  The page shows up in the frame but when I click on controls, it does a vanishing act.  

Making changes to my kiosk and would like to run some squid forms on a wordpress intranet site.

If iframes are not possible, are there any other options here?

Thanks Guys

Denya, I performed a quick search here in the community and nothing promising popped up. I assume you performed a similar search. You are essentially wanting to embed Salesforce within Wordpress with a Skuid empowered UI/UX. Just thinking out loud, UX won’t be good unless you have SSO enabled. Will be interesting to hear what others have to say. Best, Irvin

theoretically I think you could build a publicly-exposed visualforce page, which contains a skuid page. I’m not sure whether you can iframe a visualforce page though. 

You could also set a subdomain on your site to reference the VF page, e.g. subdomain.yoursite.com

There is a good tutorial here on building a force.com site with skuid - you just need to apply the same principles. You’re probably looking to have a button which opens a popup which contains a skuid form - I’m not sure whether thats possible.

The solution would be to follow Greg’s advice.  Build a force.com site with Salesforce,  and use the tutorial linked above to add Skuid pages to it.  Then iFrame that URL in your wordpress site. 

Unless Wordpress objects,  you should be able to do this… 

Hey, did you ever get this to work? I’m working on something similar and would be very interested to know if/ how you were able to make this happen.

I’m also curious about this… Taking the power of dynamic UI across the web. The possibilities are endless.

It’s doable. The instructions from Greg and Rob above work just fine.

I am having trouble with mobile responsiveness, however: http://community.skuid.com/skuid/topics/page-not-scaled-properly-for-mobile-when-loaded-in-iframe