If Rendering is edited, why wouldn't reversing to a previous version of page bring the XML back to w

I made edits to the rendering of certain components to the page and kept reversing the page to previous versions but ultimately had to copy and paste the entire XML body of code from a sandbox account into my environment to correct the edits made to the page - why is that?

That really shouldn’t be happening. Can you reproduce it?

I have noticed before if you rename your models it messes with the Render Conditions. Maybe you tweaked a model name?

I could have. I will attempt to reproduce this error. Thank you so much for your reply, I will be sure to keep you posted.

 Let me try to reproduce it, thank you for your reply!

One thing that tricks people up with versions is that once you have reverted to a prior version.  The page changes in the builder,  but that version is not saved.  So if you revert and then immedately preview - the old version will show. 

So revert,  then save,  and then preview…

That is good to know. Thank you Rob!

This has been resolved! Thanks Skuid Team!