If filter returns no row, table disapears completely

Hi, This issue has been causing me issues for a while and cannot seem to find a solution.

I have a couple specific tables with toggle filters, If i toggle a filter and it returns no row, the whole table disappears on me.

Example a toggle named : Last Month. If my model has no row that match that filter(created date = last month), the whole table (including filters) disappears.

The condition is that Account’s ID=param Id

Is there a way for it no to disappear completely, so I can choose another filter without having to refresh the page completely?

table has no rendering condition

I tried using the “Create default row if Model has none”, but that caused me issues, as i would not be able to use a different toggle, once that row is created.

Any ideas would be appreciated

Thank you,

I’d say you have a rendering condition on the table. Like below.

No as i had said in original post, I have no rendering condition on the table,
but your post made me want to double check, and found the condition actually on the responsive grid , my bad for not checking.

Thank you for your help