IE11 Memory Leak... between VF pages.

We are seeing a a strange problem whereby Internet Explorer 11 consumes memory each time a VS/Skuid page is loaded, doesn’t release this memory, and eventually crashes.

We are running a a single Skuid component in an an otherwise empty VisualForce page. Users are in a tight workflow of navigating between three pages (search, security check, and member views). The member view page is rather large.

Each time one of these cycles is completed IE11 consumes another ~40-80mb of memory and somehow doesn’t release the memory when browsing to another page. Closing the tab in question releases the memory.

You can see an example with four members:

Strangely, even browsing to Google in the tab in question doesn’t seem to result in the memory being released. The example below shows two cycles of search, security and member, and then typing "";

Any ideas?

Hi Dan,

Unfortunately, if the memory is not being released after page navigation, there’s nothing Skuid can do about that. That’s an issue with the browser. 

I did see a few posts with people having similar issues with angular applications.

I thought as much. Thanks, Ben.