Idea: wrapper/responsive grid hotspot and drag drop functionality

It would be really neat if the wrapper component had built in hotspot and drag and drop. With the hotspot, you could place a wrapper anywhere on the page and clicking anywhere in it would execute action sequences that you could define. It would be cool to be able to activate drag and drop on a responsive grid and on any wrapper you want. Then you could define a set of wrappers that could be dragged into and out of the slots in a responsive grid. The wrappers would contain whatever components you want so you would be able to drag and drop virtually anything.

Raymond, adding built-in drag/drop capabilities to Skuid components is on our roadmap — no specific release yet, but we are planning to do it at some point. 

Though we have not put drag and drop capabilities into the declarative capabilities of the product - we did publish an experiement about using a third party party drag and drop utility with Skuid.

Check it out here: skuid-labs/experiments/snippets/v2DragDrop at master · skuid/skuid-labs · GitHub