Idea Tabsets: Tab Navigation - Hamburger Menu, Tiles

I use conditional rendering on components to recreate the effect of a tab sets. I do it because for many uses I don’t prefer the tab navigation options. If tab sets had navigation options of “Hamburger Menu” and “Tiles”, and “Hidden”, I think they would be even more useful. Tiles would display the menu items in the main frame of the tabset until a tile is click at which point they would disappear and be replaced with a small menu icon in the upper left corner of the tabset. Clicking the menu button would navigate back to the tiles.
Hidden would not display any tabs, but allow the user to choose tabs using actions. 
All this can be recreated with other components, but it could be done in 1/3 the time if tab sets had these navigation options.

Hmmm… Very interesting. Another of organizing pages using the tabset component. When hidden how would the tab be opened? Only way I can think of is to use URL navigation.

I picture the tabset visible, just the navigation (tabs) being hidden. It would display a default tab (tab1) until an action triggers it to switch to tab2. Kind of like the buttons in a wizard use actions to trigger navigation to the next “step”. I guess this would kind of combine wizard and tabset into a single component.