idea: Sticky Component.... (not just header and footer)

I don’t think this is a thing yet in Skuid, but I use a website builder that allows for sticky components. Anywhere on the page you can put a component and set it to lock to the top of the page during scroll. So say you have a sticky wrapper component half way down the viewable area of the page on page load. You scroll down an inch and nothing changes… but if you keep scrolling past the point of the sticky wrapper component where it would normally fall off the top of the viewable screen as you scroll down, the component sticks to the top and superimposes over the components beneath it as you scroll. 
Thanks for all the cool tools you keep adding!

Yup. I did something like this with drawers where the multiple levels of auto opened drawers would stick to the top of the page until the next drawer scrolled up or down in it’s place.

Would be very useful to set “stick to” boundaries for components or component elements.

I seem to recall seeing something like this in Webflow (what a great tool!). I love this idea. I’ll add it to our internal ideas list for consideration. 

To further the conversation a bit, what types scenarios are you encountering that prompted the desire for this? Can you describe what led to the point where you realized you could really use sticky components in Skuid? 

Conditionally sticky components. 

Ie. return to top button on bottom right scrolling down on a page. Useful on really long pages.

Yes, the website builder I referenced has a “first displayed” feature where you can set the component to first display x seconds after user scrolls to that part of the page, so you can create a cool effect where it just seems to intuitively appear when it “knows” it is needed.

Sticky nav menu would be great