Idea: Signature Capture Component (modified Skuid Uploader )

I realize there are third party apps for digital signature but all that I have seen require the emailing of a link and opening of the document in a third party app. Though I understand the reasoning for this (using the email address as verification of identity), it is now a requirement of a legal esignature. Real-time digital signature is used at grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, Apple terms and conditions, etc… It seems there should be an easier way to collect esignature inside a Skuid page. I picture an esignature component where the signature is captured from a tablet or signature pad, converted to an image which is attached to a record using a modified version of the Skuid uploader. It essentially would be the Skuid uploader, but with an added setting to capture signature. If selected, instead of the user seeing a drag and drop to upload, they would see signature box with a submit button. Pressing submit would upload the signature image as an attachment just as the uploader does now for images. Another option might be to have a rich text-signature hybrid. Upon hitting submit, the signature uploader would create a PDF that includes the contents of a rich text editor and the signature. Then you could put the entire contract in the rich text area and Skuid would create a PDF of the signed contract and store it as an attachment to the record.

Have you seen this?