Idea: Responsive Grid Collapsing to tabs

The responsive grid is great. Right now it will collapse smaller and smaller down to the minimum defined width or the width of the content in the division. Once down to that size, it wraps the right most grid down. This is great, but it would be nice if there was a grid option to “tab” the division instead of “Wrap” the divisions. If the screen size gets too narrow to display all divisions in a single horizontal line, then instead of wrapping down to the next line, it would instead change the divisions into tabs.

fascinating! I like the way you think, Raymond.

I like the way you think, Matt!

Raymond - when you say tab - do you mean automatically put the divisions in a tabset component?  Or do you mean adjust the spacing by tabbing things over? 

I picture it converting to a tabset component.

Hmmm, interesting idea. I’ll mark it as Under Consideration so the devs can consider it for a future release. 

Thanks for the creativity, Raymond!