Idea: Redirect to Component

It would be neat to use the redirect action to redirect to any component by its unique ID without having to reload the page or requery. Similar to how the wizard works where you can navigate to “step2”. Maybe you could place page anchors on each component so that you could redirect to the page anchor? This came to mind when I quickly wanted to add wizard buttons to the bottom of the wizard in addition to the top as I have some lengthy wizard pages. I did f see a good solution for navigating to the next step from a custom button. I could recreate a wizard with tabs and redirect to the tab, but that requires page reload which is messy and slow and would require saving and requery before it is due. P.S.: Skuid Banzai is the greatest thing that has existed in this world. (Don’t tell my daughter I said that!)

This is a cool idea.  I’ll mark it as under consideration.  

Would you mind posting that last sentence on our App Exchange review board:   I’m sure your daughter won’t see it there… 

It’s up there! Now I just have to keep my 6 year old off the App Exchange. Back to Sponge Bob.