Idea: Periodic Requery of Model Setting

It would be convenient if, when creating a model, there was a setting to automatically requery that model at 1 minute, 5 minute, 10 minute, 30 minute, or 60 minute intervals if there are NO UNSAVED CHANGES in that model.

Just had another thought… In addition to a model having Fields, Conditions, and Actions, it could have “Alerts”. This would incorporate the periodic requery at defined intervals and then trigger actions based on criteria. For example, if upon requery the model has at least one new row, then a pop up would be triggered. The pop up may display a table that displays just the new rows that were added. In this way, it is “Alerting” the user of new information. Another use would be to trigger rendering. You may have an icon or rich text that is hidden unless there are new rows in a periodic requery. If new rows are found in the requery, the icon appears. This would alert the user that there are new rows to be reviewed.


That’s an interesting idea! Vote this up if you would like to see this so the devs know how important this is as they consider ideas for a future release.