Idea: Page to Print, Page to PDF, Page to Email, Page to Content actions

Wow! Awesome… thanks for sharing!

Hi everyone, I’m a member of the DocRaptor support team and just stumbled across this. Thanks for sharing this info, Henry. If anyone needs assistance with DocRaptor, please don’t hesitate to reply to me here or contact Thanks!

Hi James, thanks for finding us. I was just reading a bit about Domains on the DocRaptor site. Seems like this could make implementation within skuid even easier, just create a link on a skuid page with the right query parameters. Also keeps it more secure because you don’t have to put your api key into a js snippet. 

However, i’ve been unable to get this to work with some minor tests. I was wondering if, given some of the examples people have shown above, you could give us an expanded example of how to use the domains feature?

I’ve already gone through the documentation here: 

Jack - we saw this as well, although our stuff is on auto-pilot so we did not go back and update it.  The only change we made since my old posts is to have the apex insert the returned pdf as a File instead of an attachment, since we have now moved our org off of notes and attachments.

Jack, could you send your code and what URL the code is being tested on? 

The examples included on the documentation page already are as advanced as the code gets, from a code perspective. It’s mainly a matter of troubleshooting any domain vs referrer problems (not all websites all the sending of referrers, for example).

I wanted to follow up on this topic as I now have a much better understanding of how Skuid works. I don’t think DocRaptor’s Referrer Based system will work for Skuid users because it requires that the page to be converted by public (not secured behind a login and password). I’m working on better documenting the process for adding DocRaptor to your Skuid app and hope to have a streamlined guide for that shortly (mainly drawn from Chandra’s code above).

A quick question… I have the docraptor solution working but we have attachments (photos) that we would like to render in the document. They appear on the screen but not the pdf?

Anyone else sorted this one out? 

Hi James… We have the docraptor solution working to generate a pdf for a report but we have files attached (photos) that we would like to render in the document. They appear on the screen but not the pdf? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

Hi @Henry_Goddard, thank you so much for providing the solution. I have used this exact code but getting this error on the console:

I have added the API key from docraptor in the user credentials. I have also added the origin site in the CORS allowed origin list but it is still not working. Any guidance to resolve this would be of great help.

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