Idea: “Model from another page”. Also, praise...

First off, Skuid is amazing. Grateful to you all for building it. Second, here is an idea. For those times when you need to include a page as. Page include in a different page but you want to sort and filter models on the parent page and have those model changes effect the included page, having an option when creating a new model on a page for “Model from another page” which would allow you to choose a skuid page and then the model from that page. Then, that quasi model would stay in sync with the model from the other page if it were loaded at the same time. I realize there are workarounds for this, which I use, but having something simple and user friendly would be super. Thanks!

Really fascinating idea. Would really help with more modular builds and splitting things out in a way that is scalable. Thank you for the feedback!

Additionally, would be nice to be able to declare a “fallback” local model to the current page if the “parent” page model was not found.

Would also be interesting if it didn’t require the include to be on a specific page but rather for a specific model name, that way a similar model could exist on multiple possible pages that the page could be included on.

An example use case here would be a ‘parent’ page that queries additional data for the current user and then an include page that pulls from that data, but if the parent page that this was included on doesn’t contain that model, it loads a local model instead. This would alleviate having to query additional user data twice (both on the parent page and on the page include)