Idea: model condition attached to local CSV

This idea is either crazy or crazy good… I’ll let you decide. I have a couple use cases that in a perfect world would be remedied with the following: What if you could put a condition on a model that is set to “filterable default off - CSV”. This new setting would tie the condition to an uploader like component that would allow the user to load navigate their computer’s file explorer to locate a CSV list and then filter the results by that list. For example: A csv list of external ID’s from a third-party software export. I have a process each quarter where I get a CSV list external ID’s of records that need attention in a custom object. It is just a dead, lifeless CSV that I have to slice and dice based on which user should have access to which records, etc… I have all those permissions set up in Salesforce, but I have no way to mark the accounts that need review other than manually marking each of the couple hindered accounts one-by-one. It would be awesome if I could feed the CSV to Skuid and then mass update those records.

Even if it has to be uploaded to static resources or files first…

Hi Raymond. Perhaps you could set up a custom boolean field on the Salesforce object in question, then use Salesforce’s data uploader to update that field on the uploaded records from your CSV? You’d then be able to set up condition on that field in Skuid. I can imagine the usefulness of having something more streamlined available from Skuid, but perhaps something like this could make your life a little easier in the current realm of possibility. 

You are correct, Mark. That would be a reasonable alternative. I had a better idea for this concept. What if there was another condition option that was like “in rows of another model”, but instead it was “in comma separated list”. -Then you would choose the field in the model you wanted to match against the list like “Name”. -Then you would choose the UI only field that will contain the comma separated list (or the system would automatically create one). - Then you could display the UI only field on your page in edit mode, paste the comma separated list in, then activate the condition with a button. Whamo!!! It would be just like “in rows from another model”, but it would match against the members of the comma separated list. To be even fancier, you could let the user choose their own delimiter.


Where do you source the CSV?  Could you make a direct connection to the CSV source through Skuid?



Thanks, Bill, but not for this use case. I have most of the info Sync’ing between salesforce and the third-party. I need to run processes and flows on the data so it needs to be added to the salesforce database as opposed to be UI based with a Skuid data service. The fields I need, however, are not available via API.