Idea: Merge duplicates tool.

I envision a component you can drag in that has settings allowing you to choose fields upon which you can identify duplicate records. The user would see a blank form with these fields. They would enter data I any/all of the fields and click “find duplicates”. The result would bring up a table displaying a predefined set of fields showing potential duplicates. The user could then just check the boxes next to the records they want to merge and choose one as the master record for overwriting situations. It would then automatically update every field in the records across the entire object(s) involved without having to choose which records to bring into the model. It would have to extend to migrating all child and related records too. This is, I suppose, something that could be built from scratch each time, but if there are a lot of relationships and or a lot of fields, it could be extremely time consuming. Seems like the Skuid-zards (Skuid Wizards) could cook something up to make this process a couple clicks. Thanks for all you do!