IDEA: Iterate through model in action framework

It would be neat if in the action framework there was an action for “iterate through model” which would have sub actions. The sub action sequence would repeat a number of times equal to the number of rows in the designated iteration model. Each repeat would put the next row of the iteration model in context allowing you to grab out field values from the row in context of the iteration model to use in the sub actions. This would blow open a whole new range of possibilities. For example: you could create an action sequence that activates and sets the value of model conditions on Model A, then sets Model A as the “Iterate through model” model. It would give you the ability to create very interactive “on the fly” loops for creating and updating rows.

Interesting idea Raymond.  I like the way you think.  

Great idea Raymond.  Also, another strong use case for “Custom Actions”.  Short of waiting for “iterate model” to be added to the core Action Framework, in about 60 minutes, a custom action could be written to accomplish it.  +1 for iterate model action framework support and for custom action support!