Idea for Unified builder - Enlarged font for mobile & Browser specific rendering

Almost all of my pages are built using responsive grids. The grid columns wrap to the next row if viewed on my iPhone which is great. I love it! However, even though the components wrap to the next row and therefore the layout is maximized for Safari’s portrait layout, the font is so small that I have to end up zooming in anyway. It seems like a setting at the page level to “Increase font 120% for Mobile” might actually allow you to have a seamless unified builder. You may also need rendering conditions specific to browser/app. For example, if viewed in desktop chrome, a table should have 7 columns. If viewed in mobile Sarfari, that table should only have 2 columns and maybe one of those columns should be a template field that contains the information from the columns that get hidden. If Skuid recognized the browser/app and allowed rendering based on how the page is being viewed, you could probably pull off a perfectly unified page build across all components.

As an update to this, I think that making font min 16px when in mobile responsive mode would probably be best. 16px is the minimum font size that mobile browsers disable pinch and zoom. So I think there should be an option to promote all font sizes to min 16px when viewing in mobile.