Idea: Delayed actions and rendering and "appear" effects

Introducing a delay feature for actions and rendering would open up a variety of new opportunities, particularly for visual effects. Different types of appear and disappear effects would be cool for visuals like images (example: From bottom, from right, fade in, etc…)

Raymond, these are good ideas - I’m hearing a few different things:

1. Visual Transitions on Conditional Rendering — we currently have this built-in for Field Editor conditional rendering, on Fields, Sections, and Columns, but all of our other Conditional Rendering is “transition-less”. So the idea would be to have more transitions on Conditional Rendering, possibly making this configurable.

2. Show/Hide/Toggle Actions — we are planning, on the near-term roadmap, to add “Show Component”, “Hide Component”, “Toggle Component” Actions which would allow you to hide/show/toggle the appearance of a given Component. This would override any Conditional Rendering that was present on an element, allowing you to more directly control the appearance of Components in response to different user interactions rather than in response to Model events. As part of this, we would give you the ability to define Transitions on these actions, e.g. allowing the areas to fade in, fade out, etc.

Very cool! Perhaps just an action called “Delay” which would pause the action sequence for a period of time would be a nice additon to your plans?
These aren’t exactly high priority items to me, but as Skuid’s design options have become more and more visual, the ability to add effects to graphics seems like a reasoanble evolution.
I’m currently building a page that will have a couple dozen tiles. These tiles will display core topics that we might want to discuss with clients. However, not all tiles will pertain to all clients.
It would be nice if I could drag the tiles from the menu to a section on the screen that would store the client’s relevant tiles. This selection would persist even after requery/page reload, so the selections would have to be stored in salesforce. I imagined the responsive grid as being the container for these wrapper component tiles that could be dragged into the responsive grid.
As a parlor trick, it would be nice to have the tiles render in sequence with a delay. That is where the delay action idea comes in. If I had 2 dozen tiles (wrapped components) that each displayed a half second apart on page load or requery, it would give it a bit more of a dynamic feel.
The actions to display/hide/toggle components is great. Currently I create a field that is a check box or picklist. Then I have an action update that field. I have the components render based on that field value. This works and an added benefit is that I can create those fields in a salsesforce object if I want to save the setting for the user. Having an action, hoewever, would be FANTASTIC for things like creating tabsets with custom layouts. A few times I have wanted to have the tabset functionality, but not using the tabset layout. Being able to hide or show components would give you the ability to put buttons anywhere and render portions of the screen based on user input. Very nice.
One last thing that comes to mind:
I have a tabset and on one tab I have a page include. Due to the particular circumstances, I would like to be able to select options from a picklist and have the page include switch between Skuid pages. I have done this using the things above, but it would be nice to have an action that could rerender page include and template components from scratch after merge syntax updates the Text and URLs.
Thanks for all your hard work!

Another not on this. It would be very useful to have lazy load on components that are hidden on page load. What I love about tabs is that you can load a page quickly, then click on a tab, load information, begin working on that info, then click another tab and load a different set of information, page include or inline frame in a template, but then toggle back to the previous tab where you had been working and pick up where you left off. It would be great to be able to create a page of app buttons (like the home screen of an iPhone ) that wouldn’t open apps (tabs) in full screen and allow you to navigate back to the home page and open another app(tab) without losing the progress on the first app (tab) you were working in. Also, you wouldn’t want each app (tab) to load initially which is where I come to the idea is having lazy load as part of your toggle visibility functionality. If a component is hidden on page load, you should be able to choose to load on page load of set to lazy. Also a setting to reload component upon visibility or not would be great. This would take care of an issue where I would like to redraw certain components from scratch like page includes with different URL parameters or template that display inline frames.