Icons Not Rendering - Showing Up as Boxes

Hi there -
Standard icons for “Delete,” “Save,” “Cancel” are not rendering on my page. Que pasa?

How it looks in page builder:

Hi Kaede, it looks like your page may be using a theme that needs updating, after a recent Skuid version upgrade.  Can you check to see if your themes are up to date? If they’re not, your Themes page will show a button that says “Update Out of Themes,” and we’d recommend going ahead with that process. 

The last time i tried “update out of date themes” - bad things happened and it took me a whole day to fix - had to go to my sandbox and download theme files to upload to production to fix the issue. 

I am scared to try this again. 

“a whole day” is an exaggeration. sorry. It took me a while!

I’m sorry you had such trouble with this function. The Update Out Of Date Themes function is meant to be very safe. However, if you are concerned about this happening again I might recommend trying this solution on a fresh partial sandbox from the org in question. 

I tried this and it didn’t work. 

A few follow up questions for you: Are you using a default theme, or a custom theme? 
If default, which one? And, if custom, which theme was it based off of?
Are there any errors showing in the browser’s console? 

This is a known bug. It should be fixed in one of the upcoming releases.

It’s the same as this post here:

In other words, updating your out of date themes will not help you this time.

Thank you!! 

My pleasure! I hope we were able to tell you in time to keep you from another long day. “May there never be another one from Skuid” is our current battle cry!