Icons missing for paper theme in one sandbox?

I spent this weekend refreshing one of our sandboxes (full sandbox, in case that matters) and I’m now seeing an issue with the icons on our skuid pages. We normally use the paper theme but after the sandbox refresh, all of the icons show up as just the outline of a rectangle (see screenshot below). I did also upgrade to the latest skuid release, but I did the same upgrade in 2 other sandboxes and those environments do not have this issue.

Any ideas? For now, I’ve switched to the modern theme (both modern & classic themes show icons correctly), but we’d love to get the paper theme working again so our environments are all consistent.

Hey Jonathan, it sounds like the icon font file is missing. Are there any errors in the console? If so, could you take a screenshot of them?

To check the console, press F12, then click on the “console” tab.

F12 = Ctrl+Shift+J

One key instead of three!

The things you learn on this community… :slight_smile:

I don’t want to say that if you stick around long enough you will learn everything about everything on the Skuid Community… but you can learn quite a bit.

Haha, yeah. On the flip side I didn’t know about ctr+shift+J until recently. F12 will open up the dev tools, ctrl+shift+J opens up the dev tools and sets the tab to the console. So it’s a matter of preference.

Hey Andrew, it looks like I am getting a couple of errors in the console. One of them is about a logo missing, but that happens for every skuid theme. The 2 other errors about ‘redirect at origin’ only happen when I have the paper theme selected - if I switch to the modern or classic themes, the errors go away.

Hmmm, that is strange. Did anyone make any changes to the static resource SkuidThemePaper static resource? You could try replacing it with this one. (It’s a fresh copy of the theme I pulled from our demo org)

It actually won’t let me modify the static resource since it’s part of the skuid managed package. Anything else I can try? Would reinstalling the latest skuid version handle replacing the static resource with a fresh copy?

Yes, that would replace it with a fresh copy. I’d recommend upgrading to the latest version of Skuid as your next course of action.

Still no luck with that - I installed the latest version and the icons were still missing. But I think I’ve got a workaround for now - I uploaded the static resource you linked to and pointed the paper them to use that static resource, instead of the managed copy, and now the icons show up.

Very strange issue, but I think I can live with the workaround.

Ok, well glad you could find a solution. We’ll keep an eye out for what could have caused this.