icon in field editor

In the DSS, there are settings for styling icons on Input Text.  I can’t find anywhere in the page editor where this is able to be selected.  

Is there XML available to use if this is intended functionality?

Hi John, is this what you meant? If not, please share a screenshot of the option that you meant:

Yes.  That’s what I’m referring to in the DSS, but I don’t think it is available in the page builder.

Yikes! I got the same behavior, John. I created a variant for Input Text and it wasn’t available in the Composer.

For example, I created an Input Text variant. Saved the change to the Design System. Went to a page with that Design System. Clicked on a Field in a Form component (which is one place where I should be able to choose an Input Text variant). Went to the Styles tab and verified that the variant for Input Text did not appear.

My other Design System variants show up for other components and elements; just not for Input Text.

I’ll report this to the engineering team!