I want to randomly select related contacts of a accounts from pop up window how can i achive it?

I like open a pop the pop will render all related contacts of a accounts and from that i want randomly select 2-3 contacts and save it

Hmmm… I think we’ll need a little more clarity on what you’re asking.

hi i like to view all related contacts of a acoounts as list view on skuid page and i like to  select randomly 2-3 contacts then there is a button on that skuid page when i click on that button  a pop window will open and it will render all that selected contacts info

mB please give a reply 

Basically, you’d like to select a few records and display those in another model/component?


Then create a mass action button that adopts the records into a new model, “SelectedContacts”, and display those in your popup.

Pat’s right.

Alternatively, if you don’t want all of the fields in your Contacts list view model, you could have your mass action set the value of an “Id” condition on the Selected Contacts model and then query it for “more” rows instead of a standard query. The SelectedContacts would load more slowly, but the Contacts list would load slightly faster.

[Pat, et al. — am I understanding that correctly?]

If only my ex wife said I was right…