I want to make a field on skuid layout edit only through a snippet. Can anyone help me?

I have an object called application. In the application object there are two fields ‘Status’ and ‘Purpose’. I want to make the ‘Purpose’ field to be in edit only mode on skuid layout when my ‘Status’ field value is ‘approved’. Can anyone help me?

2 options.

  1. Create 2 identical Field Editors. Conditionally render one for when the Status field is set to approved. The other when not. Not ideal since the UX has the field editors get swapped. Pretty sure it’ll be somewhat janky looking.
  2. Write a snippet that sets the field mode of Purpose when Status is set to approved or not. Clean UX.


Another option is to set the ‘Enable’ condition on the Purpose field when the Status=Approved.  What’s nice is that you can provide a message to the user as to what condition enables the field.



Oh yeah!!! Purpose field on the field editor twice.

Conditionally Render based on Status = Approved.
1. When Approved render Edit mode Purpose field
2. When not Approved render Read mode Purpose field